Everyone's talking about antioxidants and how to get them from natural sources. The usual names you hear are vitamin C, CoQ10, beta-carotene, and other big-name supplements – but there's a new kid on the block. Astaxanthin, one of nature's most potent antioxidants, is a fat-soluble antioxidant created by single-celled organisms that use this remarkable natural molecule to survive hundreds of years of harsh sunlight without food or water.

That's why this unexpected supplement packs a far more powerful antioxidant punch than more common vitamins and nutrients.

Health Ranger's

Hawaiian Astaxanthin

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What is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is a keto-carotenoid found in micro-algae grown in aquaculture farms. In the natural world, astaxanthin gives many marine creatures their distinctive red or pink color – from flamingos to salmon.

Antioxidants are important because they help neutralize DNA damage, nerve cell damage, accelerated aging of internal organs and more. However, unlike most antioxidants, astaxanthin is fat-soluble, meaning it gets carried by fat molecules directly to tissues and organs in your body where it can do the most good.

Astaxanthin is what helps give salmon their ability to achieve marathon swimming feats, leaping up waterfalls against the current. With the help 

of astaxanthin, they become superstars of the aquatic world, performing incredible feats of physical strength and endurance .

Feel strong, well, and adventurous

Health Ranger's Hawaiian Astaxanthin offers a huge array of health benefits. Upgrade your health by investing in the world's best supplement that helps keep your body operating at its peak.

For a single supplement, astaxanthin is a remarkable workhorse that offers wide-ranging benefits for the entire body.

Supports healthy joints and tendons**

Supports optimal eye health**

Aids skin recovery and vibrancy after sun exposure**

Supports a healthy immune system**

Aids in recovery after exercise**

Supports healthy heart function**

Decreases oxidative stress on the heart and blood vessels**

How Does Our Hawaiian Astaxanthin 

Stack Up Against Other Supplements?

Astaxanthin's antioxidant powers are especially notable when compared to the antioxidant potential of other supplements.

  • 800x more antioxidant power than CoQ10
  • 6000x stronger antioxidant power than vitamin C
  • 550x stronger than vitamin E
  • 11x stronger than beta-carotene

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So why isn't Big Pharma selling 

it and raking in billions of dollars?

The answer is: because it can't be patented. Mother Nature created this natural supplement eons ago, and it has been present in trace amounts in aquatic ecosystems for over a billion years. Big Pharma can't claim it as "intellectual property" and charge people a fortune to enjoy its amazing benefits.

A deep red-colored phytonutrient, astaxanthin is grown in fresh water using sophisticated techniques that encourage the algae to grow its own powerful molecules that protect it from oxidation, UV radiation, and other environmental stresses. When harvested from the algae and concentrated into a liquid, astaxanthin becomes the most powerful antioxidant known in the natural world.

Why Health Ranger's

Hawaiian Astaxanthin

Only requires one softgel per day.

NEW Super Strength 12mg Formula

Health Ranger's astaxanthin has been lab tested for cleanliness and purity.

Lab verified

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Health Ranger's Astaxanthin is accredited with the NAXA seal by the Natural Algae Astaxanthin Association. The new NAXA Verification Program (NAVP) involves testing products available to consumers to verify they contain natural algae astaxanthin derived from Haematococcus pluvialis algae.

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NAXA-Verified Sea

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Health Ranger's Hawaiian Astaxanthin is grown and harvested in Hawaii.


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Because it's fat soluble, I always take astaxanthin together with an omega-3 supplement such as our 'Ahiflower' Omega 3-6-9 product. The healthy oils transport the astaxanthin to everywhere it's needed in the body, including the brain. Astaxanthin may one day turn out to be the most powerful neuroprotective substance ever discovered from micro-algae.


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